Electrical characteristic measurement of the fabricated CdSe/P-Si heterojunction solar cell under radiation effect

Author(s): M.Ashry, S.Fares

The electrical and photovoltaic properties of CdSe/p-Si heterojunction solar cells prepared by evaporation cooting on a single-crystal p-type silicon substrates are examined, under (100) mw/cm2, 25 oC. The best fabricated cell shows an open-circuit voltage before irradiation is (0.62 V) and after irradiation is (0.44 V). The short-circuit current density before irradiation is (34 mA/cm2) and after irradiation is (13mA/cm2). The fill factor before irradiation is (53%) and after irradiation is (44.7%). The conversion efficiency (active area) before irradiation is (11.1%) and after irradiation is (2.5%).was observed during two-hour illumination test and after storing the cell in air for three months. The illumination is from the CdSe side (frontwall).The cells are analyzed using I-V and P-V measurements, spectral response and 1/C2-V measurements, with focus on the influence of the solar cell thickness, light intensity illumination and effective dose of ã-radiation, which play a crucial role to improve the solar cell efficiency. ã-irradiation campaign with different doses has been carried out on a series of solar cells.

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