Electrical And Optical Properties Of Mono nuclear Manganese(III) Heterochelates Involving Tetradentate Schiff Base

Author(s): Kamalendu Deym, Yildirim Aydogdu, Susobhan Biswas, Fethi Dagdelen, Saikat Sarkar, Bijali Bikash Bhowmik

The heat capacity, electrical conductivity and optical properties of mononuclear manganese(III) heterochelates with tetradentate schiff base were investigated. The specific heat capacities of [Mn(III)(L1)(acac)] and [Mn(III)(L1)(sal)] complexes were found as 0.883-2.345 J/g.deg. and 0.994-2.300 J/g.deg. in the temperature range 0-900C, respectively. The temperature dependence of electrical conductivity, , shows a typical semiconducting behavior. Optical absorption studies in the wavelength of range 190-1100 nm at room temperature showed that the allowed direct optical band gap Egd of [Mn(III)(L1)(acac)] and [Mn(III)(L1)(sal)] complexes were 1.96 and 2.00 eV, respectively.

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