Electric Properties Of BiFeO3 Modified PZT Solid Solution Films Prepared By Sol-Gel Process

Author(s): Hongri Liu, Zuli Liu, Qing Liu, Xingao Li, Kailun Yao

(PbZr0.5Ti0.5O3)x-(BiFeO3)1-x films have been prepared on LaNiO3/SiO2/ Si substrates by sol-gel process at an annealing temperature of 600°C. Xray diffraction patterns indicate that the samples show (110) preferred orientation or random orientation according to the x and no impure phase was observed for all films. The study of ferroelectricity shows that the saturated polarizations are enhanced by the incorporation of BiFeO3. Remnant polarization of 33.7 μC/cm2, 36.8 μC/cm2, 34.4 μC/cm2 and 37.6 μC/cm2 are observed for the films with x=0 to 0.20. In addition, dielectric properties were enhanced through the solid solution with BiFeO3. Leakage conduction was also increased by the incorporation of BiFeO3.  2006 Trade Science Inc. - INDIA

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