Efficient photoluminescence of Dy3+-doped â-PbF2 crystal

Author(s): Jigang Yin, Yin Hang, Xiaoming He, Lianhan Zhang, Chengchun Zhao, Juan Gong, Peixiong Zhang

The absorption and luminescent properties of the samples with the compositions (2 mol%) Dy3+: â-PbF2 crystals are featured in this work. The whitelight under the irradiation of 350 or 387 nm are comprised of the blue light emission and the yellow light emission, originating from the transitions of 4F9/26H15/2, 4F9/26H13/2 in the 4f9 configuration of Dy3+. Excitation and photoluminescence spectra are explained in terms of Dy3+ ions are substituted mainly at Pb2+ siteswith high symmetry (Ohor C4v). The spectral characteristics of this new phosphor make it a promising candidate for application on potential laser transitions, optical devices and solid-state lighting for general illumination purposes.

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