Effectiveness of dioscorine removal system via determination of water quality parameters

Author(s): Mohd Hudzari Haji Razali, Rizuwan Yahaya, Abd Jamil Zakaria,Wan MusaWanMuda, Abdul Ssomad M.A.Halim, Syazili Roslan, Abdul Quddus Puteh

This paper introduced the development and effectiveness of discorine removal machine for Dioscorea hispida tubers. Dioscorea hispida is also known as ‘ubi gadong’ is a large tuber, underground tubers that have fibrous root, the tuber are produced near the soil surface and are extremely poisonous, alkaloid that is dioscorine. The tubers are sliced into small pieces before wash by flowing water using the machine, the circulation of water play important role in the operation. The tuber maybe easily rub each other duringwater circulation and make the dioscorine more faster to move out fromtuber.As a result for this study, the measurements on water quality of washed tubers are showing the effectiveness this machine application.

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