Effect of thermal oxidation on the combined performances of TA2

Author(s): Fei Sun, Jing Hu

Thermal oxidation tends to improve the surface performance of titanium and its alloys by thickening the native passive oxide layer. In the present paper, investigation of thermal oxidation in a muffle furnace under air atmosphere for commercially pure titaniumTA2was carried out to determine the optimum thermal oxidation parameters by evaluating the wear and corrosion resistance. Characterization of modified surface layers wasmade by SEM examinations, X-ray diffraction analysis and surface hardness measurements. The results showed that the rutile TiO2 layer was formed on the surface, and the thickness of the TiO2 layer and the surface hardness increased with the treating temperature. Evaluation of wear and corrosion resistance indicated that the optimumthermal oxidation conditionwas 700°C for 3.5 hours.

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