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Effect of Nd2O3 content on the optical band gap, density and electronic polarizability of SiO2-Na2O-CaO-Nd2O3 glasses

Author(s): Parnuwat Chimalawong, Jakapong Kaewkhao, Pichet Limsuwana

Glasseswith compositions (65-x)SiO2:25Na2O:10CaO:xNd2O3with 0.0x5.0 (in mol%) have been prepared using the normal melt-quenching technique. The optical absorption spectra of the glasses have been recorded in the wavelength range 300-900 nm. The fundamental absorption edge has been identified from the optical absorption spectra. The values of optical band gap for indirect allowed and indirect forbidden transitions have been determined using available theories. Besides the spectral property analysis, different important physical properties have also been investigated from the measured density and refractive indices. The density and molar volume studies indicate that Nd2O3 in these glasses is acting partly as network modifier and partly as network former. The substitution of Nd2O3 with SiO2 increases the refractive index of the glass with an increase in the electronic polarizability.

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