Effect of hetero atoms on crystal wax structures modification for Egyptian waxy crude oils

Author(s): Enas A.Ismail, Hussin I.Al-Shafey, R.S.Abdel Hameed, O.E.El Azabawy

HeteroAtoms compounds can prepare by direct reaction between acid and alcohol to form esters or acid and amine to form amides. Ethylene acrylic acid copolymer, PEAA, was esterified with Hexadecyl alcohol, HDA, and amidation with Hexadecyl amine, HDM, to produced ester and amide respectively. The produced ester and amide were characterized by FTIR and 1HNMR. The copolymer leads to a large reduction in the pour point of samples of Norpetco Petroleum Co. (NPC) crude oils. The polymeric additives were diluted with xylene by 10%, 20% and added by different doses ranged from 500 to 3000 ppm to crude oil to reduce its pour point. The pour point measurements show good reduction of pour point temperature from 27 to 3 oC depending on the composition and location of Norpetco crude oil. Thus establishing the large efficiency of the products synthesized in this work.

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