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Effect of halogen ions on the electrochemical behaviour of lead in hydrochloride medium

Author(s): M.Mihit, R.Salghi, L.Bazzi, M.Belkhaouda

The effect of the addition of halogen ions on the electrochemical behaviour of lead in 0.3MHClsolution has been investigated by using cyclic voltammetry (CV) technique. For this purpose, 5.10-2M, 10-2M, 5.10-1Mand 1MKF, KBr and KI solution were used. The results obtained show that the shape of the cyclic voltammograms is not modified in the presence of halogen ions in solution. The examination of the curves illustrates that the anodic current density of lead depends on the type of halogen and on its concentration:At low concentrations, the effect of halogen ions is related to their ionic rays. However, at high concentration, that effect follows the constants of solubility of the salts KF, KBr and KI.

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