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Effect of Gamma Irradiation on Phytochemical Content and Antimicrobial Activities of Selected Herbs

Author(s): Naveed S, Rizwan E* and Sajid A

Seven herbs by irradiating with Cobalt-60 gamma irradiation. The microbial loads i.e., total bacterial count and total fungal count and the phytochemical analysis (total phenol contents, total flavonoids contents and antioxidant activity)of both control and irradiated herbs were determined. The gamma radiation with standard dosages from 1 kGy to 7 kGy decreases bacterial heaps of herbal material from 3 log cycles to 6 log cycles. A dosage of 5 kGy decrease the bacterial capacity by 4 log cycles to 7 log cycles in addition a dosage of 7 kGy removed microbial load from the whole herbal medicinal product. The more useful dosages of herbal medicinal product were expected to have in the range from 1 kGy up to 7 kGy. The more effective gamma irradiation between 1 kGy to 7 kGy improved the elimination of microbial load and also improved the quality of the herbal product and also enhanced the shelf life of herbal products for both the local and international marketplaces.

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