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Effect of different filler materials on the abrasive wear behavior of glass fiber reinforced polymer matrix composites

Author(s): Amar Patnaik, Alok Satapathy, Sandhyarani Biswas

The incorporation of silicon carbide (SiC), Alumina (Al2O3) and pine bark dust (PBD) fillers on three-body abrasive wear behaviour of random glass fiber-epoxy resin (RGF-Epoxy) composites has been investigated. Dry sand/ rubber wheel abrasion tests were carried out at 200rpmtest speed. The tests were carried out at 50N and 75Nloads by varying the abrading distance from 200 to 600m. Themass loss and specific wear rate of the composites reduces significantly on the addition of SiC filler. The predominantwearmechanisms in the case ofAl2O3 composite were plastic deformation, micro-cutting, pitting in the matrix, and fibre removal. In the case of SiC composite the wear mechanisms weremicro-cutting, ploughing, fragmentation ofwear debris in thematrix and excessive deterioration of fibre surface followed by delamination, while in pine bark dusts the wearmechanisms weremicro-cutting in the resin matrix and tearing the fibre transversely at their ends.

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