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Effect of cobalt doping on the structural and optical properties of sprayed Zno thin films

Author(s): Nidhal N.Jandow, NabeelA.Bakr, Nadir F.Habubi

In this paper, we report the deposition of the pure ZnO and Co with 4% and 8% concentration doped ZnO thin films on glass substrates by using the chemical spray pyrolysis technique and subsequently the effect of Co on the structural and optical properties of the deposited ZnO thin films were characterized. X-ray diffraction (XRD) measurement shows that all the deposited films have preferential orientation along the c-axis with a strong (002) peak observed at 2 H” 34o. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) results show that the surface morphology of the films is strongly depends on the concentration of Co. Spectrophotometry measurements reveal that transmission values of the of 4% and 8% Co are higher than that for pure ZnO and the absorbance increases with increasing Co doping concentration, the optical energy band gap of the deposited pure ZnO thin films was equal to 3.37 eVwhile itwas found to be 3.12 and 3.108 eVfor the doped ZnO with Co.

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