Effect of aging treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of Al0.5CoCrFeNi B0.2 high entropy alloy

Author(s): Dai Pin-Qiang, Tang Qun-Hua, Zhang Chong

Al0.5CoCrFeNiB0.2 high-entropy alloywas prepared by vacuumarc melting. The as-cast alloy was heat treated for 10 h at 1000!to investigate the effects of aging on the microstructure and tensile properties. The as-cast and aged alloy exhibit simple FCC and bcc solid solution phases. The as-cast alloy consists of dendrite and interdendrite, where granular-liked and stringershaped phases appear. After the aging treatment, needle-liked phase precipitated in dendrite, which grown with stringer-shaped dissolution. The aging treatment can improve the tensile property of the alloy obviously.

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