Effect of adding magnesium oxide on the rheological properties of xanthomonas polymer

Author(s): AbdulazeezO.Mousa,KararAbdali, Lamis F.Nassir

In this study the effect of Magnesium oxide (MgO)on the rheological properties of xanthan cellulose gum(Xn) including different type of viscosity have been studied at room temperature, different type of viscosity were calculated forxanthan cellulose gumdissolved in distilled water of different concentrations (0.1, 0.2,…,0.5)% g/mL before and after adding (0.25and 0.5)gMgO for all concentrations. The shear viscosity, relative viscosity, specific viscosity, reduced viscosity, intrinsic viscosity, viscosity average molecular weightand effective molecular radius are calculated. All these viscosities depend on density and concentration. The results show that all these viscosities are increasingwith the increase of the polymer concentration before and after adding MgO.

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