Doped hydroxyapatite from waste calcium source: Part 1-Na doped apatite

Author(s): Sumaya F.Kabir, Samina Ahmed, Mainul Ahsan, Ahmad I.Mustafa

Hydroxyapatite and its substituted forms are now finding potential applications as bone substitute materials. Particularly doped apatites with enhanced physical, chemical, mechanical and physiological stabilities have received significant attention. Following wet chemical precipitation approach Na doped hydroxyapatite bio-ceramic material has been successfully synthesized fromegg shell for the first time. (NH4)2HPO4 was used as the source of phosphate. Two different concentrations of doping solution were used to synthesize the doped apatite and the developed apatite was characterized by FTIR, XRF, XRD and SEM techniques. The analyses results were in excellent agreement with the standard values.

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