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Dielectric and electrical studies of Li-Ti mixed nanoferrites

Author(s): R.M.Sangshetti, V.A.Hiremath, V.M.Jali

The polycrystalline samples of the Li-Timixed nanoferrites, Li0.5+0.5xTixFe2.5- 1.5xO4, (0.02 = x = 0.1) were prepared by combustionmethod. The IR spectra in the range 400 – 800 cm-1were recorded at roomtemperature. Thermoelectric power measurement shows n-type conductivity. Dielectric constant and loss values increase with increase in temperature and decreases with increase in frequency. Two relaxations were observed in the temperature dependence of tan. The activation energy required for the relaxation was calculated from the conductivity data. These relaxations were attributed to the electron hopping between Fe2+ and Fe3+ ions on octahedral sites and the creation of oxygen defects.

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