Development of novel anionic surfactants based on different vegetable oils for protection of carbon steel from CO2 corrosion

Author(s): V.M.Abbasov, Hany M.Abd El-Lateef, L.I.Aliyeva, I.T.Ismayilov, E.E.Qasimov, T.U.Ahmadov

Inhibiting properties and adsorption of some inhibitors synthesized based on vegetable oils (sunflower and cottonseed oils) on carbon steel in CO2- saturated solution was investigated by using linear polarization corrosion rate and surface tension measurements. The results showed that all synthesized inhibitors were good inhibitors and their inhibition efficiencies were significantly increased with increasing the concentration of surfactant. The inhibition efficiencies in the case of surfactants obtained on the basis of sunflower oil are higher compared with those of surfactants obtained on the basis of cottonseed oil at the same conditions. Adsorption of the all inhibitors on the carbon steel surface was found to obey Longmuir’s adsorption isotherm. The change in free energy ( o ads G ) values indicates that the adsorption is chemical.

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