Defects analysis, minimize metal wastages and yield improvement for grey cast iron casting: A case study

Author(s): K.M.Ranasiri, A.M.Muzathik

Proper selection andmaintenance ofmelting and holding equipment,molten metalwastages,mouldingmethods and casting defects influencemetal losses in foundry. Casting yieldmainly depends on runner and riserweight, pouring practices and casting defects. In this study all castings were grouped into three categories namely light, medium and heavy weight castings. After implementing new runners and risers and remedial measures for defects in castings, weights of runners and risers have reduced by 2.1%, 5.7% and 3.1% respectively for the three categories. Weights of defects in castings have been reduced by 1.6%, 6% and 1% and as a result casting yield has increased by 3.5%, 7.7%and 4.2%fromproducts of light,mediumand heavy respectively.

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