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Damage creation in lithium fluoride by Swift heavy ions in the electronic energy near the maximum of the Bragg peak

Author(s): H.Benhacine, S.Kadid

The Lithium Fluoride crystal are irradiated normal to the lattice plane with lead ions with energy 544 MeV and 840 MeV at fluence between 109 and 4.1012 ions/cm2. These samples are characterized by optical absorption in the wavelength range 200 - 900 nm and by photoluminescence (PL) under 458 nmexcitation at roomtemperature.The damage in the tracks is dominated by the creation of simple defects (F centers) and aggregated defects (Fn centers). For LiF crystals two very intense PL bands have been observed at around 545 and 665 nm, which correspond to the emission of F+ 3 and F2 centers respectively.

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