Corrosion of reinforced steel in presence of mineral admixture with concrete in acid media

Author(s): O.S.Shehata*, N.S.Tantawi

Rice Husk Ash (RHA) obtained from parboiling plants could be used to dramatically enhance the workability, strength and impermeability of concrete mixes. Research that has been carried out in this paper has proved efficiency that obtained by utilizing Rice husk ash even in small amounts (5%to 20%cement replacements), the properties of concrete can be significantly givingmore inhibition for corrosion of reinforcement in 1Mof each HCl,H2SO4,HNO3,CH3COOHacid as aggressivemedia. Themeasurements carried out by three electrochemical techniques. The results showed that more efficiency of concrete blended with RHA, and the inhibition increased with increasing%of RHA than that without it toward corrosion prevention of reinforcing steel.

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