Corrosion inhibition potential of ethylamine for mild steel corrosion in saline water environment

Author(s): E.E.Williams1, I.A.Akpan2*, A.J.Francis3

Corrosion constitutes major set back to the maritime industry, as it effects on ships and port facilities adversely affect their durability, technical efficiency and overall productivity of shipping as an industry. It’s therefore imperative to device means to prevent or at least minimize the effects of corrosion on ships and port facilities. Literature reveals that several substances (organic pigments, plant/animal extract, etc) shows high potency in corrosion reduction in several media. The present study is on the effects of ethylamine in the reduction of rate of corrosion of mild steel in saline water environment using weight loss method. Useful parameters like corrosion rate and inhibition efficiency was obtained from data generated experimentally. Fact gathered fromanalysis of generated data and reviewof related literature revealed that the corrosion rate of mild steel in saline mediumincreases significantly (p<0.05) with increase in the salinity level of the medium, ethylamine significantly (p<0.05) reduces the rate ofmild steel corrosion in 0.6MSodiumChloride solution, percentage inhibition efficiency of ethylamine formild steel corrosion in salinemediumreduceswith increase in its concentration administered.

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