Corrosion inhibition of bronze, copper and iron in urban-marine media by 3-amino 1, 2, 4-triazol

Author(s): S.El Hajjaji, N.Abid, N.Labjar, M.Serghini

The 3-amino 1, 2,4-triazol, refereed as (ATA), was tested as inhibitor for differentmaterials (copper, iron and bronze) corrosion in urban-marine solutions by electrochemical polarization methods and weight loss measurement. Results obtained in this study reveal thatATAis a good inhibitor and the potentiodynamic polarization studies clearly show thatATAis a mixedtype inhibitor for bronze, cathodic inhibitor for iron and anodic inhibitor for copper. The inhibition efficiency of ATA increases with the increase of inhibitor concentration and reaches an optimumvalue (up to 90%) at 10-2Min urban-marine solution for the different substrates. The SEM-EDS analysis of the protective layer of ATA after corrosion experiments shows that the inhibitor preventsmetal corrosion by the formation of a protective layer and the adsorption of the inhibitor on the surface.

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