Corrosion behavior of Sn-9Zn-xBi lead-free solder alloys in NaCl 3% solution

Author(s): AdnaneAhmido, Souad El Hajjaji, Benaceur Ouaki,A.Sabbar, Saloua Sebbahi

Corrosion behavior of Sn–9Zn-xBi alloys (x=0; 0.5 and 3 wt%) were studied in NaCl 3% solution using open circuit potential, polarization curves, weight loss measurements and surface analysis. The obtained results revealed the corrosion resistance depends on the percentage of bismuth. The Sn-9Zn-3Bi has the lowest values of corrosion current density. The corrosion potential shift toward more negative values with more bismuth addition. XRD analysis of the corrosion products formed after 168 hours of immersion in NaCl 3% solution indicated the zinc dissolution.

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