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Corrosion behavior and physical properties ofmodified tin- antimony bearing alloy

Author(s): Abu BakrEl- Bediwi,AbbasAl- Bawee,MustafaKamal

Effect of adding alloying elements, such as Cu, Bi, Al, Pb, Zn and Ag, on microstructure, corrosion behavior, electrical, thermal and mechanical properties of SnSb13 alloy have been investigated. Matrix microstructure, formed phases and other lattice parameters, of SnSb13alloy changed after adding alloying elementswhich effects on allmeasured physical properties. Corrosion parameters, elastic modulus, internal friction, Vickers hardness, electrical resistivity and thermal parameters of SnSb13 alloy varied after adding alloying element. The Sn87Sb10Bi3alloy has lowest corrosion rate but Sn87Sb10Al3 alloy has highest corrosion rate. The Sn87Sb10Pb3alloy has best bearing properties, lower internal friction, self-lubricate and cost, adequate hardness, corrosion resistance, elastic and thermal properties, for automotive applications.

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