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Controlling of Soil Born Plant Pathogen by Evaluating Fungal Biocontrol Natural Resources for Impartiality to Regularly Used Chemical Pesticides

Author(s): Snehal F

Background: The microbes which evolved from soil, have pathogenic in nature and their control is important procedure in the agricultural practise since it is based on the certain fungal biocontrol agent. So, isolation and identification of fungi by contaminated soil is the key role to evaluate natural resource by detecting the biocontrol activity of isolated fungi against plant pathogen. Meanwhile, here determine effect of pesticides on fungal biocontrol agent.

Aim: To determine the tolerance of fungal biocontrol resource to commonly used chemical pesticides for control of soil borne plant pathogen.

Methods: Soil sample is collected with history of repeated use of chemical pesticide then serially diluted the soil sample in a sterile distilled water. The soil sample is poured on the PDA plate. These plates are incubated for 24°C for 2 to 4 days. The fungal species which was identified and their characterization done by microscopic analysis based on morphological character. Then isolated fungus was followed by the detection of biocontrol activity.

Result: The biocontrol agents have been effectively work and help to reduce the soil born plant pathogen. The effect has been found only by mixing the application of biocontrol agents. It associates with the use of cheap fungicide like carbendazim, mancozeb which is commonly runs by farmers in their farms by low dose.

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