Conductivity studies of phosphate glasses

Author(s): U.B.Chanshetti, V.A.Shelke, S.G.Shankarwar, A.G.Shankarwar, M.S.Jogad, T.K.Chondhekar

Conductivity studies have been carried out on Phosphate glass samples having the nominal composition, 70P2O5-30Na2O(binary) and 65P2O5- 10B2O3-25Na2 (ternary). Phosphate glass samples (both binary and ternary) are prepared using conventional melt quenching technique. DC and AC conductivities are measured by using two probe and LCR-Q meter. The activation energies are calculated usingArhenious equation. It is found that activation energies (fromDC) vary from0.5 eV to 0.7 eV with composition. This activation energy compared to the values calculated fromAC conductivity and spectroscopic studies. Glass samples converts transparent to translucent if samples more rich in phosphate. This may attribute change in the energy gap. The band gap of binary samples to ternary samples changes from3.98 eVto 4.55 eV

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