Comparative Studies Of Diffusion And Permeability Of Synthetic Membranes For Electrolyte Ions In Solution

Author(s): E.N.Ejike, I.A.Okoro*, N.Ocho

The diffusion rate and permeability of electrolyte ions through some commercial available synthetic membranes were investigated. The Electrolytes of interest were sodiumchloride, calciumchloride,Aluminumchloride, sulphamic acid and butyric acid. The effect of concentration variation was also monitored for each of the electrolytes. The results obtained showed that the rate of diffusion of metal ions derived from these three electrolytes determines for concentration andmembranes thickness (breakthrough time tb). Decrease in metal ion concentrations increase the diffusion rate while increasing membrane thickness causes an increase the rate of electrolyte in diffusion. The trend in the rate of diffusion is thus Na+>Ca2+>Al3+>NH4+>H+.

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