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Chemical Constituents of Terminalia chebula

Author(s): Riaz M, Khan O, Sherkheli MA, Khan MQ and Rashid R

Despite the revolutionary progress and discoveries, the challenge to combat newly emerged and discovered diseases remains unmet. Natural products are still the prime reservoirs for providing new and novel molecular skeletons as drug candidates and inspiration. Terminalia chebula showed promising anti-microbial and anti-viral potentials and about 133 natural products have already been isolated from T. chebula and importantly, its richness of variety of metabolic enzymes are biosynthesizing diverse variety of secondary metabolites with attractive novelty and variety, ranging from phenolic derivative to flavonoids and falvins, terpenoids to steroids, alkaloids, tannins and their derivatives and glycosides. Molecular topology and variety in functionalities of in its natural products are important, especially dealing with the variable and adaptive capabilities of viruses and microorganism generated diseases. Importantly, it is useful for natural product chemist to have the updated chemical constituents of T. chebula.

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