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Characterization of titanium powder flow: A review on current status on flow ability

Author(s): P.K.Nziu, L.M.Masu, P.Mendonidis, A.A.Alungogo

Particle size, shape, density, chemical composition andmoisture content are essential characteristics that determine the ability of powder to flow. These factors aremainly affected by powder production technology.Various powder flowabilitymeasurementsmethods such as angle of repose, avalanche angle, compressibility index, flowmeters, bed expansion ratio, capillary tube and shear test were intensively reviewed. The shear test method was found to provide more flowability properties such as angle of internal friction, cohesion, flow function and kinematic wall of friction than other methods. However, studies in titanium powder flowability have only been conducted using dynamic angle of repose and flowmeter revealing an existing knowledge gap that calls for more research.

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