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Characterization of spent lithium ion batteries in the process of recovery of value metals

Author(s): Al Hossaini Shuva, A.S.W.Kurny

Component parts of two different types (M 660 and V 83) of spent lithium ion batteries were examined to determine the amount and nature of metal values contained. The outer casing of these batteries was found to be of aluminum alloy. Lithium and cobalt in the form of LiCoO2 was the most prominent phase in the material pasted on a thin foil of Aluminium that formed the cathode while graphite pasted on a thin foil of copper formed the anode of the spent lithium ion batteries. In the paste of cathode electrode, lithiumand cobalt constituted 7.09 and 60.25 percent respectively. Irrespective of the brands investigated, the average content ofmetal values, aluminum, lithium, copper and cobalt was 45.99 percent of the total weight of the spent batteries. The remainder was electrolyte solvent, adhesive and other impurity elements.

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