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Characterization of Okhuen (Brachystegia Nigerica) wood as a potential reinforcement for polymer composites

Author(s): C.U.Atuanya, A.O.A.Ibhadode

Okhuen (Brachysegia Nigerica) wood is a species of legume in the fabaceae family. It is found in Southern Nigeria and Cameroun and elsewhere for construction purposes and fire wood. For their use as reinforcement in polymer composites production requires the understanding of their chemical composition, microstructure and thermal behavior. In this work an attempt was made to investigate the morphology of Okhuen wood through scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffractometer, their thermal behavior through thermogravimetric analysis, their functional groups through Infra red spectrometry. The various results obtained are comparable to those of other common wood fibers, and confirm that Okhuen wood saw dust show some potential as reinforcement in polymermatrix composites.

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