Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity of Green Synthesized Zinc Sulphide Nanoparticles Using Plant Extracts of Phyllanthus niruri

Author(s): Sathish Kumar M, Saroja M and Venkatachalam M

We report a biosynthesis zinc sulphide nanoparticles using plant extract of Phyllanthus niruri and their antimicrobial activity. Biosynthesized ZnS Nanoparticles were excellent crystalline structure formation confirmed by using X-ray powder diffraction, scanning electron microscopy use to identify surface morphology of ZnS Nanoparticles, FT-IR used to found different functional group of biosynthesized ZnS NP’s and Optical absorbance were evaluate by UV-Visible Spectrometer. The antimicrobial activity of biosynthesis ZnS nanoparticles using Phyllanthus niruri methanol plant extract were determined by disc diffusion method against various pathogenic microorganisms.

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