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Character of the Representative Permutation as a Tool of Stereoisomers Counting: Application to the Permethrinic Acid

Author(s): Issofa Patouossa1*, Eric N Njabon1, Bienfait I Kabuyaya2, Alphonse Emadack1, Herve Kouachuet1

A combinatorial counting using the character of the representative permutation approach has been carried out on the permethrenic acid in order to determine the exact number of his chiral and achiral stereo isomers having the empirical formulae C3H2X2YZ; where X, Y and Z, stand respectively for the methyl, the diclhorovinyl and the carboxyl groups. We have shown that permethrenic acid presents sixteen stereoisomers, divided into fourteen enantiomeric pairs or chiral forms of C1 symmetry and two achiral forms belonging to Cs’ point group.

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