Change In The Adsorption Activity Of Silicagel Under The Influence Of Magnetic Field

Author(s): Yuri I.Sukharev, Yuri V.Matveychuk, Ekaterina P.Yudina, Tatyana G.Krupnova

Theoretical structures of the silicon acid olygomers most probable for an aqueous medium were obtained. Silica gel olygomer structures are considered as a self-similar system of “pacemakers” capable of restructuring under magnetic field. Increase of the sorption capability of gel after magnetic field exposure is determined. Spiral polymer chain of silicon acid unwind under the external field and rehabilitate itself after elimination of the external field. The change in the gel structure leads to the destruction-polymerization processes of the silica gel matrix, which cause a change in the number of active sorption centers. The medium returns in a certain period of time and silica gel sorption decrease to initial values. This paper contributes to the theory of gel sorbing agents, which in future will enable us to predict their properties to increase sorption activity

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