Cadmium dopant induced morphology and optical changes in ZnO nanostructure

Author(s): Jamil K.Salem

Cd-doped ZnO hollow / disc-like nanostructure have been synthesized using a simple solution method. The corresponding morphology, structure, and chemical composition were investigated using scanning electronmicroscope, transmission electron microscope, X-ray diffraction and EDX. The XRD patterns, SEM and TEM micrographs of Cd-doped ZnO revealed the formation of hollow/ disc-like nanostructure of different sizes (100- 900 nm), indicating that a little Cd2+ is substituted into the ZnO host structure of the Zn2+ site. Transmission Electron Microscopy image also shows that each hollownanostructure ismade up of nanoparticleswith average sizes 3-6 nm. The band gap of host material can be tuned from 3.63 to 3.51 eV with increase of Cd doping levels from0 to 10 %.

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