Barrier properties of polylactic acid /layered silicate nanocomposites for food contact applications

Author(s): Burcu engül, Nursel Dilsiz

Polylactic acid/layered silicate nanocomposite films, intended to use as food contact material, are prepared by solution casting technique. Four types of organo modified montmorillonite and an unmodified bentonite are used as inorganic filler. The structural characterizations are performed by FTIR/ATR and dispersion of the layered silicates was determined by XRD. Clay layers are found to be dispersed in the matrix polymer, although agglomerated particles are also detected. DSC study showed that a small amount of organo modified clay is enough to serve as a nucleating agent for crystallization. Surface properties are investigated with dynamic contact angle measurements.All of the nanocomposites exhibited improvement of material properties as compared to that of neat PLA. The overall migration tests are studied. PM24 nanocomposite gave the best oxygen barrier property results and migration values due to the compatibility between clay and polymermatrix.

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