Ball milled short carbon fiber for reinforced epoxy composites

Author(s): Varun Katyal, Maneet Lal, Anil Kumar

Epoxy-Carbon fiber composites are fabricated. The carbon Fibers are first cut using a mechanical chopper. The short carbon Fibers are also subjected to ballmilling. Composites aremade of ballmilled and non-ballmilled Fibers. Composites with varying carbon fiber content (1 wt % - 2 wt %) were made. An increase in the mechanical properties is registered with increasing loading of carbon Fibers in the epoxy matrix. Mechanical properties are measured by 3 point bending test for and shore scleroscope. The electrical properties of the composites are also studied. An increase is seen in the electrical properties as well with increase in fiber loading due to the higher conductivity of the carbon Fibers. Ballmilled carbon fiber composites showbetter properties than the normal fiber composites. This is attributed to the better dispersion of ballmilled carbon Fibers in the epoxymatrix and preventing agglomeration of the Fibers. The fracture surface is also analyzed by scanning electron micrography to ascertain the fracture mechanism.

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