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Atomic force microscopy as a tool for comparing lubrication behavior of lubricants

Author(s): E.Ebrahimpoor Ziaie, D.Rachtchian, S.Sadegh Hassani

Choosing and optimizing the additives for formulation of base oils has some trial and error aspects which needs time and cost consuming experiments. Among the various types of additives, friction modifiers are used in the formulation of a wide range of industrial lubricants. In this paper the results of using contact mode Atomic Force Microscope for studying the nanotribological behavior of mica in the absence and presence of lubricants are presented and compared with the results of macro scale evaluations by FZG test.APolyol Ester (POE) base oil and a formulation of itwith a combination of a friction modifier and an antiwear agent have been used as lubricants.

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