Application of nanodimensional pores of zeolite mordenite and mordenite nanocrystal for phenothyazine dyes removal from the industrial wastewaters

Author(s): A.Pourahmad, Sh.Sohrabnezhad

Mordenite and mordenite nanocrystal, were employed as effective adsorbents for new methylene blue (NMB) from aqueous solution. The adsorption kinetics was investigated. The adsorption capacity of mordenite nanocrystal zeolite for NMB dye is more than mordenite zeolite. Kinetic studies indicate that the adsorption follows the pseudo second-order kinetics. The effects of equilibrium time, solution pH and sorption temperature were examined. Solution pH will affect the adsorption behavior ofmordenite and mordenite nanocrystal. Higher solution pH results in higher adsorption capacity. The results show that adsorption capacity dye increase in lower temperature.

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