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Application of cysteine protease of Euphorbia nivulia Buch.-Ham. latex in laundry detergent formulation

Author(s): Shamkant B.Badgujar, Raghunath T.Mahajan

A new cysteine protease named nivulian was partially characterized from the latex of Euphorbia nivulia Buch.-Ham., a member of Euphorbiaceae family. It had good stability in the presence of local detergents viz., Tide®, Ujalla®, Nirma® and also Triton X-100 and Tween-80 at 370C. The protein stains (blood and egg yolk) were removed within 10 – 15 min from the test fabric (cotton) cloth by the treatment of this enzyme. Thus this application of plant origin ‘nivulian’ demonstrates feasibility for inclusion in laundry detergent formulation.

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