Surface electrogastrography (EGG) is a non-obtrusive procedure that is utilized to record myoelectrical action of the stomach utilizing cutaneous anodes put on the midsection. Gastric motility appraisal by EGG is a contender for standard clinical strategy dependent on the evaluation of boundaries normal for gastric motility issue. Notwithstanding its observable advantages, EGG isn't broadly actualized in clinical practice. The principle reasons are absence of normalization of terminal arrangement,tedious indicative techniques and a complex multi-channel recording arrangement. We proposed a procedure in which a simple to-utilize single-channel EGG, with a less tedious convention (<1 h), would give adequate data to gastric motility evaluation. Accounts from the three anatomical tourist spots in 20 sound youthful subjects were thought about under two conditions, fasting and postprandial by assessing the prevailing recurrence (DF). Our outcomes demonstrated that there is a factually critical increment of DF after supper ingestion (p<0.05) in every one of the three channels. Be that as it may, when the examination bunch was partitioned into two subgroups dependent on weight list (BMI), the most suitable account area was over the body of the stomach (as indicated by factual hugeness p=7.82×10-6). We demonstrated that a less tedious account meeting with quick bite admission could be utilized for the evaluation of gastric myoelectrical action (GMA).

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