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Antifungal metabolites of Bulbophyllum nilegiriensis Wt. from Western Ghats of Karnataka, India

Author(s): D.N.Gurucharan, K.Krishna Swamy, R.Onkarappa, K.S.Shobha, S.A.Gautham

Bulbophyllum nilegiriensis Wt., an orchid of ethno medical significance, from Western Ghats of Karnataka was studied for antifungal and phytochemical properties. The phytochemical constituent analysis showed different phytoconstituents in different extracts. Petroleum ether, alcohol and chloroformextract showed alkaloid, steroid and terpinoids. Flavonoids were present in chloroform and alcohol extracts. Tannins were observed in petroleum ether and chloroform extract. Tannins and Flavonoids were present in chloroform extract and absent in petroleum ether extracts. In vitro antifungal efficacy of all the four extracts was tested by well in agar method. Both yeasts and filamentous fungi were inhibited with zone of inhibition upto 26 mm. Candida albicans was significantly inhibited in all four tested extracts followed byCandida kruseii and Fussariumoxysporium. Saccharomyces cerevisiae was unaffected by all the extracts. A zone of 20mmwas observed for Cryptococcus neoformens only in water extracts. The purity of the chloroformextract was assessed by Column Chromatography, HPLC and UV absorption studies with a single peak and absorption of 257nm.

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