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Analysis of radome materials, electric field enhancement and disturbances of plasma density in satellite and radar technology

Author(s): Rabindra Kumar Singh, Ashok Kumar, S.Devi

As we know engineering is the practical application of scientific facts in an economical way. In thismodern age of science and technology role of satellite technology has become multifold. Every satellite and Radar has a lot of antennas. Radom’s are most important parts of antennas. They use to act as protector and shielding of these systems. Average life span of transport radome is approximately three years. Radoms are susceptible to bird strikes, erosion, lightning strikes, thunderstorms, electric fields, static precipitation, water ingression, delimitation etc.Most frequent damage to radome is holes in structures cause by static discharges.Air, acrylic, foamand Teflon are the eminently used dielectric in radomes. In this paper effect of electric field of earth onAir,Acrylic and Teflon type of radome have been discussed. It has been proved that high dielectric will produce high dissipation energy but they provide high mechanical strength with the additional property of aerodynamically stability. Teflon type of radome ismost eminently used. Finally, it has been proved that the performance of radome is dependent on operating frequency, thickness of walls; presence of earth’s surrounding electric field, loss tangent of dielectric constant, and dielectric constant using MATLAB software. Effect of DC electric field and plasma disturbances in the upper ionosphere (at 950 kilometers) onCOSMOS-1809 satellite over the zones of strong tropical storms and typhoons have been discussed also.

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