An analysis study for the effect of annealing temperatures on (I-V) characteristics of PbS photodetector

Author(s): Farah Jawad Kadhum Al-Nuaimy, Mahasin F.Hadi Al-Kadhemy, Ali A.Dawood Al-Zuky

This study was carried out by the preparing PbS thin films and studying the effect of annealing temperatures on electrical properties. The PbS thin films have been prepared by thermal evaporation in a vacuumof (10-5-10-6) Torr with thickness 500oA at roomtemperature and annealed at different annealing temperatures of (200, 300, 400, and 500) oC for 30 min. Fromthe electricalmeasurement showthat the (I-V) characteristic behavior linear and best with increase in temperature. For importance of the effect of temperature on the electrical properties, the theoretical model was estimated by using (table curve 2D) program. An estimated theoretical equation was power equation.

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