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Al2O3 nano-particle reinforced aluminium matrix composites through stir casting technique

Author(s): A.K.Barnwal, D.P.Mondal, Hemant Jain, S.Das, A.K.Jha, R.Dasgupta, P.Banerjee

2014 aluminium alloy metal matrix composites (AMMCs) reinforced with Al2O3 nano-particles (ANP) were fabricated using stir casting technique. The volume fraction of ANP varied between 0.5 and 1.5 vol%. The compressive deformation behaviour of these composites was investigated as a function of ANP content at different temperatures and strain rates. Scanning Electron Microscope observations revealed uniform dispersion ofANP in the matrix. Strong bonding betweenANP and the matrix was also observed. The yield strength, and ultimate compressive strength increased with increase inANP content, and decreasedwith increase in test temperature. The compressive deformation behaviour wasmarginally influenced by strain rate. Work softening behaviour of the composite was observed at high temperature, which was caused due to dynamic recrystallization and strain aging.

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