Absorption spectral studies of Er+3 ions in sodium-lead-bariumaluminium phosphate (SLBAP) glass

Author(s): P.Kothari, R.P.Dubedi, U.Pathak

Sodium-lead-barium-aluminium phosphate (SLBAP) glass doped with tripositive erbium ion have been prepared by melt-quenching technique. The absorption spectral studies of doped SLBAP glass have been performed to compute the phenomenological Judd-Ofelt parameters () and various spectroscopic parameters like Slater-Condon parameter (Fk) k=2,4,6, Lande’ parameter (4f), Racah parameter (Ek) k=1,2,3, nephelauxetic ratio (’) and bonding parameters (b1/2) to study the local structure of the ligands around the rare earth ion.

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