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A study of comparative quantitative performances of different models for the variation of dielectric parameters of semihardy winter barley with moisture content at 2.45 GHz

Author(s): Zeeshan Ahmad, H.N.Singh, P.N.Singh, Ashutosh Prasad

In the present work, two models namely, quadratic and cubic, for the variation of relative permittivity and dielectric loss factor of semihardy winter barley (Hordeum vulgar L.), with decimalmoisture content at 2.45GHz have been proposed by the authors. The data of results for relative permittivity and loss factor have been derived fromthe works ofKraszewski and Nelson. The models chosen for comparison with the present models are also due to Nelson. The evaluation of constants for the models has been done using the method of least-squares-fit for nonlinear regression analysis. With the values of coefficients of determination (r2) too close to unity ( 0.99), and lower average percentage errors 1.5 and 1.6 for relative permittivity and  9.9 and 9.0 respectively for both the present models compare them favourably with the established models.

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