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A Review on Freshwater fish diversity

Author(s): Satish Kumar P

It has been calculable that the full variety of all fishes is 32,500 species. Considering that fresh could represent but 0.3% of obtainable world water, it's exceptional that there are quite 15,000 seafood species. Whereas marine communities contain a lot of species in total, freshwaters are so much richer per unit volume of environs. Here, seafood species occur at one per fifteen km of water (cf. one per a 100,000 km³ of ocean water). This reflects the productivity, physiographic diversity and geographical isolation of fresh habitats comprising some twenty fifth of all vertebrates, fresh fishes are a crucial element of world multifariousness. Approximately 7,956 of all fish species (30%) are contained inside 6 of the 515 assortment families.

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