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A Comparison of Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR) Performance for Iron-Nitrogen-Carbon (FeNC) Catalysts in Acidic and Alkaline Media

Author(s): Kuldeep Mamtani, Christopher Bruening, Anne C Co and Umit S Ozkan

The present study compares the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) performance for iron-nitrogen coordinated catalysts supported on carbon (FeNC) in acidic and alkaline electrolytes. The ORR activity of the synthesized FeNC materials was found to be significantly lower than state of the art platinum supported on carbon (Pt/C) in acidic medium. On the other hand, similar ORR activity for the two samples was observed in 0.1 M KOH. In addition, FeNC catalysts demonstrated much higher stability in alkaline medium relative to that in acidic electrolyte. These results demonstrate promise of FeNC materials as promising cathode catalysts for anion exchange membrane (AEM) fuel cells.

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