A comparative investigation on optical, opto-thermal and mechanical properties of transparent semiconductor metal oxides

Author(s): K.Boubaker

The -dependent optical refractive and extinction coefficients n and k of oxides thin layers (Sb2O4, SnO2, ZnO andWO3) have been determined from experimental measurement of reflection R() and T() transmission ratios within the Ultraviolet-Visible-Near-Infrared (UV/VIS/NIR) domain (300- 1800nm). This study allowed deducing å1() and å2() expressions. Exploitation of results concerning their variations enabled estimating the plasma pulse ùp, the relaxation time ô, the dielectric constant + and susceptibility e. Furthermore, opto-thermal and mechanical investigations have been carried out and discussed relatively to the already established optical and thermal characteristics. Comparison confirmed the recently conjectured advantages of Sb2O4 in terms of both mechanical and electrical resistance.

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